we are experience strategists


[fit-muh nt] (n.)

an accessory attached to an assembly of parts

As experience strategists, we bridge the gap between technology and strategy. We align your goals to the needs of your customers— creating exceptional brand experiences. We don't stop at websites (although that is a great place to start).

We realize that your customer experience reaches beyond time spent at your website, physical location so you need to be able to engage your customers constantly and as conveniently as possible. Often times this is as simple as sending a follow-up note to your customers.

We do this through the design and development of mobile applications and Progressive Web Applications (PWA's). This way the application can be deployed on any device and the customer can enjoy the benefits of a mobile application without the overhead of maintaining a large codebase for all of the native applications.

We develop custom software and database systems using the latest technology provided by Google; we aren't messing around when it comes to working with the best.

Data is everything. Wearable technology is rapidly becoming a hot topic. There are API's available to the public that can further enrich data that is being collected elsewhere. The use of wearable technology in the healthcare industry is only a single example of an industry that has a tremendous potential to leverage data from different sources.

How It's Done


Everything starts with conversation. Nobody knows your business like you—and this is our opportunity to get to know each other.


This is a critical part of the equation. We set aside time when all stakeholders can meet and we talk it out. What's working well? What isn't working so great? Maybe website is on your mind, but in reality it's doing everything you need.


We get to work.

What We've Done

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Did we just become best friends?

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If forms aren't your thing, that's cool - drop us a message hello@wearefitment.com and we'll follow up with you directly. Yeah, it's really that easy - and did we mention we're super friendly to talk to?

About You

We really enjoy talking to people & building relationships.
Drop us a line—what's going on in your world? Of course, if you have a project you could use some help with—we'd love to talk about that too.


If you have a timeline in mind, it helps us come up with the best possible solution for your project.

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